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Ethno Food is a brand of domestic healthy and natural food which is prepared in a traditional manner. All products are made of fresh juicy fruits and vegetables which are grown in an unpolluted environment, hand picked and hand sorted. Further they are processed following the well established traditional recipes passed over from generation to generation. Experienced housewives and cooks prepare our specialties, free of additives and preservatives. The quantity of our products is limited and is made in small series.


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Ethno Food products Gift Box reflects Serbian cultural heritage. Your friends and relatives will be delighted to receive one of our products as a gift for Christmas, or on some other occasion.
All jars are capped with either fabric or paper cover with a traditional pattern which is tied with a cord string. Six different products jars each are placed in cardbord or wooden boxes. Individual gift box containing one jar is also available.
Ethno Food offers some of numerous Serbian specialties, such as preserve, jam, ajvar and mushrooms.
Ethno Food preserves are prepared from various kind of fruits. Our gift box contains preserves made of: wild starwberries, cherries, bluberries, blackberries, plums and plums filled with walnuts.
Individual gift boxes of preserves are also available in assortment of wild strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, blueberries, blackberries, plums and plums filled with walnut.
Other fruit preserves are also available but upon request and subject to special agreement.
Ethno Food jams are prepared from various kind of fruits: plum jam, plum jam with addition of rum, plum jam with dark chocolate, apricot jam, raspberry jam...
Other fruit jams are also available but upon request and subject to special agreement.
Ethno Food quince jelly ( quince mould)
Jelly is prepared in a traditional manner, naturally, just with addition of sugar. No preservatives added.
Ethno Food ajvar is prepared from red burnt peppers in a traditional manner with addition of salt and vinegar. No preservatives added. The gourments have several types of ajvar at disposal: mild, moderately hot and hot ajvar. Ajvar is used as salad or as an excellent side dish with meat.
Ethno Food mushrooms are one of the most delicious specialities and present the greatest secret. Vegetarians can use them as well. Ethno Food gift box contains six jars of mushrooms, porcini and cantharellus in olive oil. They can be used without previous processing as a separate dish by itself or as a salad. Individually we are offering dried and powder porcini, dried cantharellus, dried Crna Truba and dried morel. They are used in preparation of many dishes.
Ethno Food will add abundance and variety to your table and makes healthy food pleasurable experience at the same time. Ethno Food cherishes the tradition of home made food by applying carefully guarded recipes in the technology of food preparation. Nature, tradition and health united in a single product: Ethno Food product.





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