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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Ethno Food products completely natural products?

Ethno Food products are completely natural products, prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables in a traditional manner, free from preservatives.


What is the way to order Ethno Food products and whether they are found in retail sale?

Ethno Food products can be ordered by contacting Ulixes company by phone, e-mail, directly or by mail. The data on the company can be found under Contacts link.
Ethno Food products can be found in retail sale in the following stores: MAJSKI in Novi Sad, BEOIZLOG and MERCATOR supermarket in Belgrade.

Where is the seat of Ulixes company?

Ulixes company has its seat in Novi Sad, Dunavska street No, 27, SCG.

Does Ethno Food make the products as per order?

Ethno Food, within categories of products offered, such as preserve, jam, jelly, ajvar, mushrooms, souvenirs, makes the products as per order, e.g. preserve or jam but from special kind of fruits.


Can Ethno Food products be given as gifts?

Ethno Food products are particularly attractive and interesting as gifts on various occasions: as gifts to business partners, especially to foreigners, for Christmas holidays, when visiting friends, as a gift to a specially dear persons. On various occasions and for the various persons. Extraordinary and original!
With its appropriately designed gift boxes Ethno Food products make a gift which in return will get you a smile from those receiving it. In addition to Ethno Food products there goes an Ethno Craft card with Serbian miniatures of Pirot carpets which you can also give as a gift.
If your wish is to make your gift luxurious and at the same time warm and loving, Ethno Food gifts are the right choice!

Are Ethno Food products used in catering?

Ethno Food products (in 50 gr. packaging) are particularly convenient for hotels and restaurants due to their attractive and luxurious packaging. For example Ethno Food jam looks rather luxurious when served for breakfast in hotels, whereas Ethno food preserve can make an exclusive treat for dessert.




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